2017International Austronesian Conference

Cultural Heritage & Community Empowerment


In order to promote the political, social, economic and culture development of Austronesian peoples, enhance periodical collaboration and exhcnage among Austronesian peoples, and increase the global understanding and respect toward the Austronesian cultures, the Council of Indigenous Peoples held the 2002 Assembly of Austronesian Leaders and has held the International Austronesian Conference annually since 2003, inviting researchers in the filed of Austronesian research to discuss related issues, including the regional social development, the inheritance of knowledge, education and culture, natural ecology and traditional territories, economic development, tourism and cultural industries. We expect to build the dialogue platform of Austronesian discourses as the basis to promote continuous works through the conference, and to present the international features of cultural and biological diversity of indigenous peoples.

This year, we intent to invite researchers and participants concerned with indigenous affairs to propose analyses and discourses regarding “Cultural Heritage and Community Empowerment – Taiwan’s southbound connection” along with other topics associated with the modern development of indigenous peoples, expecting to encourage the awareness of issues about Austronesian peoples and strengthen regional links. In addition, we expect to establish the platform for agendas and actions. It also teams up with theMinistry of Culture and the National Museum of Prehistory for a series of seminars and field visit program.

Cultural heritage is the legacy of human wisdom that is valuable on the aspects of history, art culture, and science. It provides us with different facets when we investigate and try to understand people’s interactions with the environment and other people under different cultures, times and space backgrounds. To protect and maintain cultural heritage is a burdensome task that requires professionality. Besides professional technological dimension, we have to contemplate, during the process of preservation, the various levels of relationships between the cultural heritage and social cultures, politics, economy, and even different groups of peoples.

In Southeast Asia and the Pacific regions, cultural heritages demonstrate a multiplicity of appearances; however, they are now caught in the quagmire of rapid changing and vanishing, the same conundrum that happens in Taiwan all the time. “Cultural Heritage and Community Empowerments: Anthropological Perspectives on Taiwan’s Southbound Connections” will launch its opening ceremony and welcome banquet in Peinan Site Park (No.200, Wenhuagongyuan Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan) at 17:30 to 20:30 on November 15 (Wednesday) 2017. A plethora of international scholars from Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific regions are invited to the seminar and symposium to discuss related issues from the viewpoints of academy, indigenous peoples, museums, and community empowerments with local professionals, scholars, and citizens in the International Meeting Hall of National Museum of Prehistory (No.1, Museum Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County, Taiwan) on November 16 (Thursday) to 17 (Friday), 2017. Let us all contribute our parts to preserve Taiwan’s valuable cultural heritages, ecology and environment.